Product Photography

I have the favor of working with the coolest American cookware company. Chip and Jake, Co-founders of Made In, are two young souls who decided to make our life just a little bit better.  Their product is made from a single piece of 5-ply bonded metal, ensuring consistent heat from the base to the pourable edge; Quality is what they are after. Being made from stainless steel has its downside, as it’s not very easy to keep perfectly shiny, but luckily for us, they also thought about that. They have this magical powder that you can use to wash with; it goes back to being perfect, just as it’s mama intended.


The Made•In Story

In 2016 we set out to create a kitchen brand aimed to do two things: (1) get people excited about cooking and (2) create an exceptional product delivered directly to you, cutting out the unnecessary markups that retailers take.

We know our cookware isn’t cheap, but that is because it is designed to last a lifetime. The combination of the finest American metals and crafts(wo)men, many who have been making cookware for over 30 years, ensure our standards are met. We believe that this is the best cookware ever made at this price point.



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