Juice Stikers

I had the task to create a concept of 9 different Juice Stickers for L’ETO CAFFE

My idea was to create something different, something that when you look at it, it will definitely make you look again. I’ve realised that lately people’s brain function on autopilot mode most of the time, so I’ve started thinking how to add a message to it and not just pointing the obvious. This how the ‘READ WHAT YOU DRINK’ came into perspective, ‘PAY NOY ONLY MONEY BUT ATTENTION ALSO’


How can I make them pay attention if not by distracting their brain with an intentional error between the visual and logic, and by that I mean to create a distortion of what it is written and the background image of the fruits.


The ones with the + are a combination of two fruits together, first fruit by being illustrated and second by being written.

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