A good image interacts with a person’s feelings –

by inspiring and mirroring positivity.

Why do you need Food Photography?

A successful Restaurant, Pub or café provides the client, not just delicious food and tasty drinks but a great experience. A place would build this great ‘experience’ by investing in their interior design – to generate a great vibe, by designing a catchy Menu – to properly provide the client’s options, by investing in their staff and by improving their visual presence – branding & images.

The menu is the first introduction to your food that a customer gets and having great pictures would assist the customer to understand and choose what would make the customer the happiest

People eat with their eyes

Working as a Marketing Manager I studied customers needs, perception and their impressionableness. I discovered that the popular saying: “people eat with their eyes” – is more relevant in nowadays society than ever before. At a conscientious level – a great picture is more efficient in influencing and inspiring than a plain text or catchy ‘wannabe’ slogans.

Food images potentially result in profound changes in attention and trigger neural activity across a network of brain areas which leads to increased salivation – sounds disgusting but this ‘chemical substance’ is the variable that measures our appetite. I would mention the fact that professionally food pictures drastically manipulate and positively anticipates the results of customers ‘taste evaluation’.


Virtual Feeding

Most people like to see a photo of their food before they order so they know exactly what they are getting, and for those from a different culture who are not familiar with your style of dishes, this is even more important.

The concept of ‘Virtual Feeding’ can be a strong and effective tool for your business. Therefore, by hiring a professional food photographer you invest in your business.

Food Photography Projects